A Month or two ago in my office my keyboard stopped working. So I was not able to work and I started chatting with my colleagues on Facebook. There is a girl named Rachel in my office she told me about her wedding dresses that she is going to buy for her upcoming wedding. She asked me about the good clothing and apparel shops that are nearby and where dresses of latest fashion are available. I told her about a boutique where my wife often visited. She also asked me about the jewelry shop where she can get engagement rings and earrings. I told her about a flowers shop and furniture shop where she could buy some good dining tables, bedding and bedroom furniture. She was very anxious about the events management company that will take care of wedding event. She wanted that day to be full of entertainment.

After that I started talking to a colleague who was busy playing this slot game called “Island Style”. He urged me to try it. I started playing it and I was surprised at the winnings of the reel combination for which on other slot machines I will get nothing. It is a 3-reel classic style pokie without any scatters, wild symbols, or bonus games. So you can call Island Style an old casino game but it gives you more number of combinations to win. Its theme is tropical islands, the reel symbols are toucans, bars, cherries and regular bars there are 7 different winning combinations.

Getting three birds on reel will win you 2400 coins which is the jackpot. There are number of ways to win mid level payouts. Gambler can enjoy with mid level payouts. So I think Island Style is much better than the new progressive slot machines that are in trend nowadays.