Bonuses used to be an attractive way to earn profits online when online casinos were relatively new. Withdrawing the winning funds once the bonus was collected was the easiest. The restrictions and transfer requirements based on terms and conditions were hardly fulfilled.

The fact that the bonuses were so easy to liquidate, meant that players could move from one casino to another, earn money and increase their funds. Claim a bonus at Casino A, earn some money, withdraw it and then deposit the money in Casino B, at the same time you claim the Casino B bonus, of course! Is this strategy; is it still viable for online casino players?

Players could move from a casino, increasing their funds and making money, since the bond settlements were very easy to do. Look for a bonus in casino A and that same money that you win, use it to play in Casino B, and thus increase your funds in both casinos. Will online casino players have an option yet?

An example of this strategy

To identify if this strategy can still be applied, let’s review the example that will be presented later. This strategy is called an extra bitch, and deals with how players using this strategy can get a bankroll:

  • To have £60 to play. Acquire a 200% bonus, depositing £20 in a casino.
  • Remove the £60, cleaning the bonus funds.
  • Get another 200% bonus; deposit the £60 by going to another casino.
  • To play again you will have £180.
  • So, you can use all the online casinos applying this process!

Planning when to receive bonuses and what kind they will be, is a strategy that you can only learn from experience. It is important to start with bonds that have little value and taking advantage of the experience and gradually increase the bonuses, until reaching the maximum. In this way, the initial bonds would be worth £50, the bonds by thousands will arrive soon!

Does bonus clearing work today?

Currently, it does not work anymore. The casinos have created a number of conditions and terms that prevent the bonds can be removed easily, controlling the prostitution of the casinos. Fulfilling the bonus requirements is a challenge.

Ser 1x was a rollover requirement, some time ago, and the winning spins could be withdrawn immediately. At this time, they can be 40x in transfer requirements or even higher. It means that a renewal requirement of £4,000 attached has a value of £100 bonus. Just thinking about making a profit of £4,000 is in itself a great challenge.

In the case of table games, the situation is more critical, as online casinos have decided that for the fans of these games the requirements of rollover are even greater. Reinvestment only contributes 10% in table games, so table games like roulette and blackjack will be £40,000. So, receiving this bonus will be not only impossible but extremely difficult.

Casino players are now restricted, because the prostitution of bonds is unfeasible as a strategy, due to the high requirement for reinvestment. But do not be discouraged, you will always find other strategies that you can apply to play at online casinos and win.

The best ways to benefit from casino bonuses

Making money with online casino bonuses is not impossible either, you just need to know that it is no longer through the prostitution of bonds, that you do not catch panic since you can implement other strategies to receive the bonuses. Take advantage of the specific bond types, with the strategies presented below:

 Play the percentages

Some bonuses offer a large extra percentage, while others offer a large amount of money. The first is the one that you should consider as the most lucrative bonus. Why? Because you will be able to increase your finances, it is important to remember that you can play in several online casinos, for this reason, consider distributing your resources in different casinos at the same time.

Free money is great

Without having to make a deposit the new players can get free bonuses, by subscribing to online casinos, they offer varied bonuses through bonus promotions so that new players can play and try the games online. In the same way, there are bonuses whose costs are reduced, and so players can go bankroll.

Online casinos maintain publicity about the bonuses they offer to players. However, some casinos do not use advertising strategies, but you must subscribe to know how to obtain bonuses. It may happen that subscribing does not seem like any kind of bonus, but you can only know it until you enter the online casino, in case they are the same as those that show their promotions, you will simply get additional funds thanks to your new bonuses.

Make Weekly Deposits

Maintaining funds in your account is very important to contribute, to achieve it there are several ways and one of them is the weekly deposits offered by several casinos, although you do not plan to play that week, you must make the respective deposit, and so you can have the maximum money possible.

Remain Loyal

Loyalty is always appreciated, due to this online casinos have loyalty plans that many players obviate, and without realizing fail to perceive great benefits. Imagine that in the loyalty plans some casinos do not establish reinvestment requirements since the loyalty that you have to the casino is rewarded. The tactics that were applied previously, no longer work in casinos, but do not worry, we have good news! There are innovative strategies and ways to continue playing and winning in casinos. Get benefits from online casino bonuses!